5 nice restaurants in Swakopmund, Namibia

Swakopmund is a coastal town with a strong German feel to it. Most travellers arrive here after a few days spend in the desert or in the north of Namibia. This is the town where you recharge, stock up on things and enjoy a few luxuries that have not been available to you for a while. Swakopmund is of course also the town with lots of adrenaline activities like sky diving, quad biken, sandboarden and the likes.
And all those activities make hungry, right?


So where to go???

Napolitana – Game meat, pizza’s and a lively bar
It’s not all about Italian food in Napolitana (or Naps for the incrowd). They do have pasta’s and great pizza’s made in a stone oven in the middle of the restaurant but the meat dishes are what attracts most people. It’s all about game meat. You can try kudu, warthog, zebra, crocodile and the likes. After a great meal you just had next door for a drink in the lively bar.

33 Nathaniel Maxuililinapolitana-kudu-steak-the-blue-wanderer-swakopmund

Fish Deli – dining at the fish shop
There is no better time to eat fish. You are at the coast! Fresh fish in abundance here and it is hardly available in the rest of the country. The fish deli is where you can buy fish to take home and prepare but you can also let them make you a nice fish sandwich or some tasty sushi and sit down at one of their tables. This is a great place for lunch. Would you like to have dinner here? You better make a reservation as it is a popular place.

29 Sam Nuyoma Avenuefish-deli-the-blue-wanderer-swakopmund

Brauhuas – How German do you want it?
Swakopmund still has many German influences. You see it in the buildings and you here the language spoken in the shops. So obviously there is a Brauhaus here too! This is absolutely a part of Namibian culture so there is nothing wrong with trying a bratwurst or schnitzel and a large beer here! During the day this is one of the few places with a nice little terrace for a coffee.

The Arcade 22, Sam Nujoma Drive


Kücki’s Pub – A fishplatter that can feed a soccerteam
Kücki’s (pronounce cookies) is a pub connected to a large restaurant. It is a populair place as it can house large groups and because of its extensive menu. All portions are huge but one is ridiculously large. The very populair fishplatter is officialy for one but I still have to see a couple finish the plate completely. Give it a try!

Tobias Hainyeko streetFish-platter-at-Kuckis-the-blue-wanderer-swakopmund

Brewer & Bucher – microbrewery with ocean view
Brewer & Buchers is one of the restaurants in the new Strand hotel located at the ocean. This is Swakopmunds only microbrewery and the beers can, ofcourse, be tasted in the restaurant. It is a very hip and industrial building with indoor and outdoor fireplaces. All meat served here is from local farmers and are antibiotic and hormone free. When the weather is nice the terrace is one of the nicest places in town to be.

On the Mole.brewers-buchers-2-the-blue-wanderer-swakopmund

I hope you enjoy my selection of restaurants in Swakopmund. If you know of any other restaurant you like to promote in Swakopmund…. leave a comment 😉