The Blue Wanderer is a blog about (solo) travelling all over the world with a focus on Africa and incorporating horses wherever possible. It is all about independent travel and exploring.

As a tour leader and a nomad. I travel “on the edge of backpacking”. I love camping in the desert and enjoy a good city trip. And all the things in between.

My aim is to inspire the newbies and the pro’s. I hope an unexperienced traveller will feel the urge to go and do it and I hope to inspire the pro’s with tales about the not-so-common-places (aka off-the-beaten-track, a phrase that I don’t like to much).

It doesn’t matter if you only have time for a 2 week holiday or if you have 2 years to fill. As long as you GO and ENJOY!

……What about the name “The Blue Wanderer”?……


not ll who wander are lostFirst of all. I’m not feeling blue. At least not very often.
So why the name The Blue Wanderer?
Well, do you know the phrase “not all who wander are lost”?

Years and years I thought I was the only one who had picked up that line from my beloved Tolkien book. I have a copy with it underscored. Now with internet and social media full of quotes it turns out that it is over used by anyone interested in travel. But I still have a soft spot for it.

A wanderer, that is how I see myself. And definitely not lost! Also not running away as some people suggest. From what? Responsibilities at home? It takes a bit more courage to leave everything behind and deal with what comes along every day than repeat a preprogramed live in 1 place.


I have been a backpacker, a tourist and a traveller for years. And I still am all of those. But I start to wander more and more.COLLAGE
The mayor tourist highlights have been seen and I like to take more time to just be in one place. Feel the charm of towns that are not on the tourist route. And that has nothing to do with the hype of being “off the beaten path”. Where I used to see as much as possible in a week or month I now at times choose to submerge myself in 1 place.
I had been to Marrakech 3 times prior when I decided to stay there for 2 full weeks. Why? I don’t know. The idea just popped into my head and so I did it. I really like to surprise myself with out of the box ideas and sticking to them. Just to see what happens.

Blue is the colour I prefer the sky to be, exceptions allowed for sunsets or sunrises. Oh and let’s not forget the Northern light.
Blue is what the earth looks from space, clear blue waters are nice, blue M&M’s, blue fabrics and Blue berries.
It is just the colour I am always drawn to.

blue butterfly
A Blue wanderer is also a pretty blue butterfly.
And I have fond memories of a blue butterfly (you know, the dead variety with a pin in its body) in a small box that was my biggest treasure as a child. I cried for weeks when a boy in school broke its wings. 

……About me and this blog……

You may have read the welcome text in the sidebar and already know this:
“Rudi is a nomad by choice, a Solo traveler, a tourguide, travelblogger, and horse enthusiast.
It all started with a 2 year trip around the world followed by another year-trip. She visited 68 countries and has been writing travel stories for over 12 years.
She lived in The Netherlands, Belgium, Ecuador, Lesotho and South-Africa.”
It does sum it up nicely but there is more to tell.

What about me?
Ok, so I am Rudi. A female with a man’s name but I manage.
Born in the Netherlands a while ago so a Dutchie. That also means that I am not a native English speaker and I do apologize for all the mistakes I make.
If you feel the need to tell me where my mistakes are in a productive way feel free to contact me

Sometimes a movie can have an impact on your live. And mine is not even a good movie. But there was a phrase used all the time that I relate to.
Ok….here is the embarrassed confession… as it also says something about my age…ouch.
The movie Short Circuit is about robot Johnny who is hungry for “input”. He keeps saying: “input, input input”.
And that is how I feel most of the time. I just get excited when absorbing new things. And I know it sounds cheesy but it is my drugs. When I had many new experiences in a day it gives me a buzzing feeling, some sort of “high”.
People that know me very well have witnessed me bouncing up and down nearly clapping my hands saying “input, input, input”.
check youtube

The Blue wanderer is all about travelling “on the edge of backpacking”
What does that mean? Well, my 2 trips around the world were as pretty hard-core backpacker. I still like and need to watch my budget and I still prefer a communal sitting area in a hostel over an empty hotel lobby. Backpacking to me has nothing to do with the shape of your luggage. I always travel with a backpack! Even when I’m the tour guide on an overland-trip with comfortable hotels through Africa.
That said, I am getting a bit older and the budget a bit more flexible at times. So I do treat myself to a rental car every now and then or a dinner in a restaurant. But a nice hotel is not what makes my heart beat faster. A good camping spot can.

What do I write about?
In the blogger scene I am considered old but I think that is just what makes my view of the travelers world a bit of a different one. So no full moon parties or tips on how to have sex in a dorm (get a room!).
I travel slower because I already have seen a lot, the urge to see the highlights is a bit gone. I am starting to really enjoy the smaller little gems I discover. And it does feel more like discovering than just showing up at the end of a very well beaten bath to a “most beautiful waterfall/temple/canyon/church in the world”.

How do I make my money?
I am definitely not a Digital Nomad! Yes, I lead a nomadic live and am glued to my laptop to work on this blog but it is by all means not bringing in a substantial income.

Tour leading is not a cash cow either but it is where my money comes from.
It’s safe to say that most people think I am crazy for trying to live on a tight budget like mine. And only time will tell how thing develop.

If you want to know how I am doing financially then I would suggest you sing up to my newsletter where I will give you an insight view on my money situation