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Would you like to get in touch? That is great! I love to hear from readers.

Please keep in mind that I do travel and often work long days while abroad. That limits my options to check my mail.
Have a look at the sidebar and it will tell you where I am. When in Africa I hardly ever have access to internet. So please adjust your expectations to my response time accordingly. I do respond to your mail personally and will always try to reply as fast as possible.

Before sending me an email, please read the following guidelines:

  • Before you contact me, please read my ABOUT page first. Your question is probably answered there.
  • If you are looking for destination information, please first use the menu on the top of the page and look up the country of your interest and the general travel guides….. and read them. Your answer might be in there.
  • If you are e-mailing me about visa questions please contact an embassy or consulate. I can’t comment on individual situations and will not respond to your email.
  • If you are e-mailing me with medical questions. Please contact someone who had a proper education in that direction. I certainly did not so I probably won’t answer any of those questions.
  • I am not really in to exchanging links, guest posts, sponsored posts, or other advertisement. Inquiries will probably be deleted.
  • And don’t you ever put my name on your mailing list!

It almost looks like I don’t want to receive your mail but compliments are always welcome. So is constructive advice on my blog and on my English.
If you send me a short and clear email with destination or itinerary questions I will be glad to help you on your way.
Do you want to offer me a job or a house sitting opportunity? Please mail me! Please check my “work” page to see what I have to offer.

My email address is info [at] thebluewanderer [dot] com. But please use the form below. I look forward to hear from you!

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