The joy of supermarkets- Japan

I can never resist checking out a foreign supermarket. I love to discover the novelties found in a different country. Not only the food but also the none food items on sale. The Netherlands (where I am from) hardly offers anything but food for instance. Go to other countries and you can buy a complete wardrobe or supplies for a farm.
These were my finds in a supermarket in Japan:

There is absolutely nothing in a Japanese supermarket that I recognized!
All is new, exciting, worrying and just strange. Strange in a good way. Most of the times. I think. Maybe. Not sure 🙂

Let’s start with some normal stuff.
They have fruits and vegetables in Japanese supermarkets. Normal ones and interesting ones.
Look at the size of the apples!!! Where do they grow these???          supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

Then I came across something blue. And I had no idea what it was. Later I learned that it was pickled eggplant. The normally purple plant turns blue when you pickle it.           supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

If you are looking for a snack you can try all sorts of seaweed and rice snacks. Some are very nice.                        supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

And some I don’t want to try….                       supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

Things are ridiculously cute in Japan. There is not a thing that is not pretty.
Once again I am not sure what this is. Except pretty. I tried one and still find it hard to describe. A steamed bun with some sort of filling. It was not bad, to be honest. But prettier than tasty…haha                 supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

Another pretty thing that you can find in supermarkets in Japan are these gift boxes. I assume these things are cookies. But I am not sure.  supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

My favourite little treat where these mushroom shaped minty chocolates.
How cute are they???supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

My biggest find was soup for cats!!! Yes…. Soup for cats…!!
It even came with an explanation on the package that your feline friend likes to have a mid-day snack as well.
I had to buy it and bring it home. I can say that I hardly ever have seen my two fluffy friends so happy.               supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

I love the creativity of the Japanese youngsters and how they dress. I was fascinated by the choice in… what to call them. Front-foot-warmers???          supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

And now we are in the non-food section…. Mouth masks are of course everywhere for sale in Japan!supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

Besides shopping in supermarkets there is another thing that amazed me in Japan.
There are vending machines on every corner of the street. Also in residential areas. This is ideal when you are in need for a cool drink. And that is quite often in Japanese summer. But why would anyone need to go to a vending machine to buy a charm to hang on their phone?                                 supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

My favourite vending machine was the one with ice-cream. I loved the minty chocolate flavour!supermarket-japan-the-blue-wanderer-1

This was just a small section of the things “different” in a Japanese supermarket. There is way more to discover. I can recommend you to always add a visit to a supermarket to your to-do list on your travels. And take your time to discover new things!