This week I had a super whopping good Etosha Safari, I saw my very first successful kill!!! Over 10 years of safaris in Africa and finally a kill!

Monday morning starts with singing “Happy Birthday” for one of my guests. When they are all on an excursion I get a phone call that the scenic flight for my birthday girl is cancelled. I feel really bad for her and spent all morning trying to find another operator but no one has availability. I also buy her a little gift so she has something nice waiting when she gets back to her room.

I give her the bad news when she returns from the morning trip. She is a bit disappointed but the Living Desert tour was very good so she is happy any way.

When the group is on its way to lunch I treat myself to a lovely massage. The best decision of the day!safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1

I get my skydive people in the right vehicle and then I meet colleague Cardy for a late lunch and to discuss some work things.

We have dinner in Napolitana and they decorated the table for my birthday girl.

Tuesday starts of very cold and ends very hot. It is about 12 degrees with mist in Swakopmund and about 40 degrees when we arrive in Kamanjab. We visited the large seal colony and there were some babies.safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1 And we drove and drove and drove.
This is the city centre of Kamanjab. Just to give you an idea how hectic the towns are that we visitsafari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1Wednesday starts with a visit to the himba village from where we drive to etosha national park. I am never the biggest fan of giving away balloons but it happened before I saw it. Why I am not a fan? Well, it last a minute and the plastic/rubber will be left where it exploded and goats and cows will eat it. A dead cow or goat is big problem in a poor community. There are other ways to make a kid happy.
But… it is a nice picture..with mum and dad in the background repairing the school wall with a mixture of cowshit and dirt.

The waterhole at Okuakuejo is whopping good. safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1Over 50 elephants. Bathing, splashing around, baby’s, adult eating the leaves from a tree right next to my guests. safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1It was just a perfect sight. Hundreds of springbok, a few giraffe, zebra etc etc.safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1

safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1This is how close you are to the wildlife iff you are luckysafari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1

In the afternoon we continue our game drive and in the area where I have seen a leopard before I ask Stephen to drive slow and try to find her. Fortunately there is a car parked next to the road exactly where I expected her to be. And still it takes me some time to spot her. They are so well camouflaged. Do you see what she is doing? Checking that Steenbok?!?!safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1

And then I get to see what I have been waiting for for over 10 years now. A KILL!!!! She takes the steenbok out in 1 fast move. The poor thing did not even see it coming! And I have no picture to show… it all went so fast.

safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1After that it is hard to apreciate other things but a rhino with baby is cool!
safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1And so is a pack of lions, just lying about!safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1

Thursday we do another game drive in the morning. No leopard but Rhino and hyena.

Waterhole Chudop  is delivering as always.( like that day with the kudu). There are 11 ( e-le-ven !!!!!!) different species at the same time! A lion on the waters edge, safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1a dead giraffe in the water,safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1Elands (the largest antelope) that I have never seen before in Etosha. safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1

and elephants chasing lions away. It is truly amazing.safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1

Spotting game in the wild is not like going to the zoo. You have to wait for hours to see something in the distance…. Or you go to Chudop where there are more animals together then any zoo would dare to put in 1 cage. 😉

This is what we saw at the same time : Impala, Springbok, Eland, Kudu, Blue Wildebeast, Oryx, Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra and Warthog
safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1(this picture has giraffe, impala, zebra, kudu, eland, wildebeast and oryx)

After lunch we rest a bit and in the afternoon we do another game drive. safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1 At Chudop the dead giraffe is taken out of the water by the rangers and the lion is lying on top of it. safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1(The gang! Stephen, Stefan and Cardi)
Cardi gives me a ring to let me know she found the rhino I tipped her about and she is looking at 4 cheetah’s. So we turn around and are very fortunate to see them too.safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1

This is my first trip ever with lions, leopard and cheetah in one go!

Friday, we make a quick loop in etosha before we start a long driving day. We have some rain along the way! And that is just great! They need it up here!

We arrive at rainbow lodge on the Kavango river and the groups are going on a little boat trip. And we fix the reflextor tape on the trucks as we know that the damaged ones will be reason for the police to fine us.
And we are going to the country with the million police stops…. Botswana!safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1Saturday we go towards Botswana and drive a little loop in Bwabawata NP. At some point it really rains a lot. Not ideal for wild life watching but good for the temperatures and nature needs it.
But this Martial Eagle is nice!safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1This is the vehicle we use to get into the delta.
safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1And this is the view from my tent in the delta.
safari-africa-the-blue-wanderer-1Next week….serious stuff! Mum in hospital so an early flight home…