Street art in Lisbon

The city of Lisbon has a lot to offer. I even wrote the city a love letter. Don’t we all know Lisbon for the yellow trams, the view over the city from the castle and the Fado in barrio Alfama?
But one of the things I liked best was the great variety in Street art!

Scruffy parts of the town just look brighter with some art on the walls. This is probably one of the best known murals in Lisbon. street-art-lisbon-the-blue-wanderer-1

And there are more Street art gems.street-art-lisbon-the-blue-wanderer-1


street-art-lisbon-the-blue-wanderer-1Walls covered in graffiti is what most people consider Street art. While I was scanning walls I noticed that in the old days there were other ways to pimp walls. And they are just as nice!street-art-lisbon-the-blue-wanderer-1

I enjoy huge murals but little finds like these can really make my day.street-art-lisbon-the-blue-wanderer-1

It took me a while before I saw what this cute girl actualy was. 😉street-art-lisbon-the-blue-wanderer-1

There is often a little bit of a message in a street art piece. I have used this picture for a facebook community I started a long time ago. It was al about sharing and caring.


Street Art can make the difference. This small building with a café would not have been noticed if it was not for their angels.street-art-lisbon-the-blue-wanderer-1



In the beach town Cascais there are also a few things to spot. Like this cute beach hut.
street-art-lisbon-the-blue-wanderer-1And Street art can be interpreted a bit wider than graffiti /murals, right? Knitting a sweater for a lamppost is also brightening up the neighbourhood!


This is by far my favourite piece of Street Art! And not only because of the handsom man…. on the wall 😉street-art-lisbon-the-blue-wanderer-1More Street art? Why don’t you check what Bratislava has to offer? I found some amazing pieces there.